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A brief word of introduction:Shortly after the release of Tears of the Kingdom, I was chatting with a couple of fellow Zelda creators about the inclusion and focus on the new dragons within the game. That was when I had the initial thought: "Wouldn't it be fun to put together a zine entirely themed around ALL of the dragons of the Legend of Zelda saga?" This idea quickly took off, and within a short amount of time, we had a fantastic team of enthusiastic, dragon-loving Legend of Zelda creators assembled to help bring this zine to life.It's our goal through this zine to celebrate all of the dragons in the series, both the prominent and those who may often be overlooked. You can anticipate seeing examples of not only the new Light Dragon and the trio of dragons from Breath of the Wild, but also classics like Valoo from Wind Waker and Lanayru from Skyward Sword. You may even see a couple of Gleeoks, or Stallord present within these pages!We look forward to utilizing the combined skills of artists, writers, and alternate creators to bring together a compilation of art and stories that will exemplify all that this wonderful series has to offer. So, on behalf of the entire Mod Team, we invite you to take to the skies with us in celebration of these Soaring Scales.-Mod Mickey
Co-Head & Writing Mod


Interest Check OpenAugust 1
Interest Check ClosedAugust 25
Contributor Apps OpenSeptember 1
Contributor Apps ClosedOctober 1
Results SentOctober 10
Zine ReleaseFebruary 20

Mod Team

MickeyTaco (Mickey)

Co-Head & Writing Mod
Favorite dragon: Farosh
"Heyo! I'm Mickey, and I've been a LoZ fan for over ten years. I'm a huge lover of dragons, great and small, and I'm so blessed to be able to help bring these to life! Soaring Scales is my second zine as a writing mod, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the amazing dragons we bring together!"


Co-Head & Organization Mod
Favorite Dragon: Valoo
"Hi! I'm copicdragon, a big fan of Zelda and dragons (I know, it's really hard to tell that based on my username xD) I've been involved in a few zines over the past few years and I'm so excited for this one!"


Layout Mod
Favorite dragon: Dinraal
"Hey hey! I’m Joey and used to be a Zelda fan, then kinda forgot about it for a few years, but BOTW brought me back a bigger fan than ever! I love me some dragons, especially the Zelda ones. Can’t wait to work with y’all!"

Dalsalie (Dal)

Art Mod
She/Her; They/Them
Favorite dragon: Demon Dragon
"Heyo!!! Dal over here. Been a Zelda fan since the age of 3. Played every single game. Dragons are one of my specialties when it comes to art so combining to two has a special place in my heart."


Graphics Mod
Favorite dragon: Naydra
"Hewwo~ The name's Azzy—short for Azzylea, long for Az. Big fan of LoZ and played a couple of games. Dragons have amazed me since I was a kid and I'm thrilled that I'm working on a zine for one! I'm excited to see all the creativity~"


Social Media Mod
Favorite dragon: Volga
"Hey everyone! I'm V and I'm so excited to be here! LoZ dragons are AMAZING and I'm so happy to see a zine centered around them! Looking forward to everyone's creations!"

Guidelines | FAQ

GuidelinesImportant dates to keep in mind: Contributor applications will be open from Sept. 1st to Sept. 30th. We are anticipating result emails to go out by October 10th. Working period will be from Oct. 20th to Jan. 20th, 2024. Our estimated zine release date will be in late Feb. 2024.We will be accepting contributor applications for artists, writers, digital merch, crafters, and musicians primarily. For artists specifically, it is recommended that you include examples of dragons and/or other animals as well as dynamic pieces with backgrounds in your completed applications. This will ensure we have all the resources possibly available to make a decision as to who will be the best fit to contribute to this zine!When applying, we will be looking for three examples of your work, as well as a link to your current portfolio. Our zine will remain at a T rating or below, and we will NOT be accepting NSFW content in applications nor in completed submissions. NSFW includes but is not limited to the following: sexual content, graphic violence, gore, vore, or fetishes of any kind.We WILL be including Gleeoks and Stallord as options for inclusion as well as the more “traditional” dragons within the zine.For artists: we are looking for three completed works in your applications. This goes for both page artists and digital merch artists alike. We also ask that you include your portfolio with other examples of your completed works. This may be shown using a link to a Google folder, an Ao3 account, or something of that nature. Please ensure all works are clearly labeled.For writers: we are also seeking three examples of your work. These can be completed poems, short fics of 1,500 words, or snippets of larger fics with a similar word count. We may consider longer snippets during the application process with a hard limit of no more than 2,000 words. The zine staff will be reviewing ALL of the submissions, and longer entries may extend the results period before the emails go out. Additionally, if there is NSFW content on a linked, personal account profile being used as a portfolio, ratings on ALL fics must be clearly marked.For alt creators: the expectations remains three submissions per application. For musicians applying, please keep your audio samples at 1 minute or less to give us an example of your work. The guidelines regarding a portfolio inclusion still apply.FOR ALL CREATORS:At the time of applying, we will be asking for you to create three pitches. These pitches constitute examples of ideas that you would be willing/able to create for inclusion in the zine. We are asking for each pitch to be focused on a different dragon. Variety is the spice of life, and we are looking to celebrate ALL the dragons of Hyrule rather than just the current fan favorites.Additionally, as there are a wide range of dragons in the LoZ canon, we will NOT be including OCs (original characters) or AU (alternate universe) settings and content. If you are accepted and you’re not sure if your pitch falls within the parameters, please reach out to the zine staff.If you have any additional questions. please reach out to us and we would be happy to discuss them with you!FAQWhat is the theme of this zine?
This zine is themed around the dragons seen through all the LoZ saga!
Is this zine for-profit or for-charity?
This will be a free zine!
Is this zine digital or physical?
The zine will be digital-only, and will include digital merch as well!
How many contributors will you accept?
We currently anticipate accepting up to 5 merch artists, 6 writers, 8 alt creators, and 30 artists in addition to the 6 member moderating team. Please note this is an approximation, and final numbers may vary.
Can I apply to more than one role?
Yes, but you may only be accepted to one.
Is shipping content allowed?
The focus of the content of the zine will remain general/platonic.
May I share works in-progress I've done for this zine?
Work in-progress may be shared online with the mod team's permission,
but nothing more than 40% finished. Sharing progress within the zine's
server is perfectly fine and encouraged!
My question isn't here, what should I do?
You can send your questions to our Twitter or Instagram!